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About Us

The Bible Society is not affiliated with any one particular church or community of churches – however, we work with partners from all across the Christian spectrum to accomplish our goal: that every person may have the life-giving Word of God in a form they can understand and at a price they can afford.

We do four things: translate, publish, distribute and encourage the use of the Scriptures.

Translation involves rendering God’s word into a new language. The Society works in partnership with other Bible Societies, church bodies and Christian agencies as part of a world-wide translation effort.

Publishing is the design and printing of the translated Scriptures. The Society produces not only complete Bibles, but also New Testaments, Scripture portions, texts for new readers, Bible stories in comics format and other Bible resources.

Distribution is about getting the Scriptures into people’s hands. The Society sells Bibles through its stores, and gives the Scriptures away to a variety of individuals, including seminary students, members of the armed forces and new Canadians through the Citizenship Courts. The Bible Society also provides the Word of God to those on the margins of society – prisoners, the homeless and those struggling with addiction or illness. Recently, the Society has also begun to distribute the Word of God electronically through the World Wide Web.

Encouraging the use of the Bible involves providing Christians with resources to understand the Scriptures, and organizing events, like “Proclamation: the Word of the Lord,” that raise the profile of the Bible. As Ezra set the Word of God before the people in the book of Nehemiah, so the Canadian Bible Society seeks to provide Christians an opportunity to express God’s Word in meaningful ways.

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Men\'s Bible GNT050
$ 17.05 (retail $ 18.95)

Good News Translation; Paperback; 21×13.5 cm; 1304 pages; 0.695 Kg

CEV The Code Bible for Men
$ 29.65 (retail $ 32.95)

Flex cover; 21×14 cm; 1321 pages; 0.695 Kg

ESV Women's Devotional Bible
$ 35.95 (retail $ 39.95)

Burgundy imitation leather with Birch design; 22×14 cm; 1664 pages; 1.1 Kg

CEV Poverty and Justice Bible
$ 22.45 (retail $ 24.95)

At last, a Bible where God's voice for the poor and oppressed shouts loud and clear. Paperback; 16×22 cm; 1261 pages

'The Word. For Families' - 110 Interactive Bible Stories for families to share
$ 8.95 (retail $ 9.95)

Paperback; 21×21 cm; 256 pages; 0.48 Kg

Armenian Western Bible M63
$ 53.95 (retail $ 59.95)

Hardcover; Gold stamping