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/ Bilingual Scriptures

Product: Chinese-English Bible RCUSS/NIV73ATI
Product code: 1CH301057
ISBN code: 9789622931282
Copies per carton 10 [30% discount on carton quantities]
Price per copy: $ 46.95
Quantity: copy/copies
Summary: Hardcover; Thumb index; Ribbon markers; 2517 cm; 2094 pages;1.34 Kg

Product: Chinese-English Bible CUNPSS/NRSV
Product code: 1CH301040
ISBN code: 9789622938526
Price per copy: $ 39.95
Quantity: copy/copies
Summary: Vinyl cover; Gilt edges; Thumb index; Ribbon markers; 1914 cm; 2017 pages; 0.82 Kg

Product: Chinese-English Bible CUNP/KJV56AXZ
Product code: 1CH301048
ISBN code: 9789622932845
Price per copy: $ 74.95
Quantity: copy/copies
Summary: Leather; Zipper; Gilt edges; Ribbon markers; 17.713 cm; 1891 pages

Product: Japanese-English Bible NI/TEV
Product code: 1JA301001
ISBN code: 9784820212416
Price per copy: $ 119.95
Quantity: copy/copies
Summary: Vinyl cover with dust jacket

Product: Japanese-English New Testament NI/GNT
Product code: 2JA301002
ISBN code: 9784820232155
Price per copy: $ 49.95
Quantity: copy/copies
Summary: Vinyl cover; 1913.5 cm; 616 pages

Product: Chinese-English Bible CUNP53AX/KJV
Product code: 1CH301038
ISBN code: 9789622938335
Price per copy: $ 39.95
Quantity: copy/copies
Summary: Hard cover; 1891 pages: 12X17.3 cm

Product: Chinese-English Bible CUNP/NRSV
Product code: 1CH301009
ISBN code: 9789622936369
Price per copy: $ 34.95
Quantity: copy/copies
Summary: Hardcover; 1913.5 cm; 1896 pages; 0.76 Kg

Product: Chinese-English Bible TCV/TEV
Product code: 1CH301012
ISBN code: 9789622937772
Price per copy: $ 39.95
Quantity: copy/copies
Summary: Hardcover

Product: Chinese-English New Testament CUNPSS/CEV
Product code: 2CH301005
ISBN code: 9789812200617
Price per copy: $ 19.95
Quantity: copy/copies
Summary: CUNPSS/CEV; Full-colour paperback

Product: Chinese-English Gospel Bridge CU/NIV
Product code: 3CH301003
ISBN code: 9789812202635
Price per copy: $ 2.95
Quantity: copy/copies
Summary: Paperback

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