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May Staff Pick


Recently a new couple bought the house next door, and I've been enjoying getting to know Chris and Amanda. When Chris found out I work with the Canadian Bible Society, he said, "You know, I've never actually read the Bible... I wouldn't even know where to start!" I let him know that I would think about it and get back to him with some ideas. I got to know Chris better, as we chatted over the fence as we worked in our yards. I discovered he was a deep thinker who liked to talk about philosophy and the big questions of life. I thought, "Chris, I know just where you can start with the Bible." I happened to have a copy of Ecclesiastes from the Alabaster series - a special NLT edition of the Bible, published as individual volumes, with artistic photography. When I handed it to Chris the next day, he immediately said, "Whoa! This doesn't look like a Bible to me, but I kind of like that!" He texted me later that week to tell me he read the whole thing that night. "I couldn't put it down! Let's talk more. I have so many questions now." I discovered the Alabaster Wisdom Collection (and the whole Alabaster series) is a non-intimidating way to share my faith in a totally natural, relational way. I encourage you to check it out today!

  Matthew F.